In the mood for…

Lately I have been longing for Autumn, the romance of the woods, and all things nostalgic. Not nostalgic ten years ago, but before my era, before plastic wrap. Before cable television, before my electric bill was $100 a month. In preparation for launching a new website, I have been searching the ether for things that make me happy, like antique typewriters, violet perfume, silk parasols and eating ice cream while the waves lap up on shore.
“If I could grow my hair to my ankles, I think I would be sure to wear a bird’s nest in my hair. Although I might opt for that sooner rather than later… “ says Vanessa Valencia in her lovely blog, . A Fanciful Twist. Her little fairytale dolls put me in the mind to start making little fascinator hats for my own Rapunzel hair, with my halloween bird toys; and to start wearing sparkle garlands again as my best friend, Moira, and I did when we were young and fearless.


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