saturday, that’s all

What a week! Joseph was a rousing success with sold-out houses, and Mercury Summerstock’s Li’l Abner is set to open in one week. Suddenly it is harder to dress 25 hillbillies than originally thought. I never thought I’d say this, but I am tired of thrift stores!! (though I did score some excellent personal treasures…to be revealed later).

Forced to take a day off due to holiday building closures, I am catching up on my knitting and am quite close to finish on my lovely aqua ocean lace sweater. I also splurged on another ball of Noro Chirimen in mystical blues. Quite possibly destined to join it’s cousins in another project from the amazingly romantic Victorian-esque serial The Adventures of Miss. Flitt. The Annabell Lee Neck Cozy is blocking and with the addition of delicate little pearl buttons will be ready for it’s close-up soon!

Around the homestead, the downtime is few and far between, but when the heat dies down it’s time to explore the backyard and check on our sad leaning peach tree. Perhaps the fruit will prove edible this year. But then again, Groundhog and Groundhog Jr. have been burrowing beneath it and it could topple any day now. The stray neighborhood cat population is up again, and we have several males courting Pretty Penny. It’s just a shame that responsible pet ownership costs so much or I would snap her up and bring her in with Tiny Dinosaur. (She might be his momma, after all).


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