Fighting the “shoemaker’s children…” syndrome

It was a long, HOT holiday weekend. So what did I do? I turned on the iron and proceeded to do some sewing. But before I could turn to projects for myself, I had to complete a conversion on a 1970s long party dress for a client’s Prom. This dress was purchased at Deering Vintage, where I work a couple days a week.  I love it there, but it becomes a bit dangerous when I find stuff I  want!

Before… After

It’s all about skirts this summer.  I do have a lot of fabric in the stash, but I chose to start on all those skirts I bought secondhand/vintage and need to work on to make them fit properly.  I shortened an Oscar de la Renta ‘blouses’ brand circle skirt; put a new waistband on a 60s full skirt that had been used as a window treatment (huh?), and another mens’ oxford -t0-skirt conversion. The idea of making a dress from the shirt just didn’t work at all. 

So why am I torturing myself like this? Because I have decided to take part in Me-Made-June ’11. Another one of those friendly interwebs challenges, but it sounds like a good idea, and why not? So, I’ll be taking pictures of my clothes and posting them here for your (ok, my) enjoyment.  Some other blogs you may want to check out to see more Me-Made posts:

So Zo… ,  Tilly and the Buttons,  Quiet & Small



3 thoughts on “Fighting the “shoemaker’s children…” syndrome

  1. I just read the explanation of Me-Made-June 2011 on the “So, Zo…what do you know” blog and think it’s one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time. Good for you for taking on the challenge to wear something you made every day for a month!

    On a side note, I find it a bit ironic that I happen to be wearing one of my only refashioned outfits (a sun dress) at this very moment.

    ps- if you bring your outfits over to my house next week when we get together we can have a little photo shoot so that you wont have to use photo booth.

    • Hey, thanks! I only committed to wearing me-made a minimum of 3 days a week. I can probably increase that, but it all depends on sewing time.

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