Me Made June Week #1…Continued

When we last left off, I was  uncomfortably hot and anticipating the dreaded march to the Dentist for a root canal. The first of several appointments went, well…a little difficultly. The dentist and I are obviously going to become very good friends since we will be seeing eachother weekly for a while.

On the upside, I was invited by the lovely and talented Roxanne over at the Vanity Lab to be a hair model/test subject for her ‘blowout bootcamp’ class for her new hairdressing apprentices. I was invited specifically because I happen to have particularly thick, coarse, wavy hair that is very difficult to straighten. But voila, between apprentice Jackie and seasoned pro Roxanne, they managed to take my hair from “before” to “woo woo baby!!!!”   And it has lasted three days! Unheard of, dear friends. Magical and amazing.

Before meets After at Vanity Lab

I pledged to wear clothing/accessories made by myself at least three days a week for the duration of  Me-Made-June 2011.

Day #2

Shirt: Jacquard satin popover blouse. I made this from a 1980s pattern and fabric bought in the same bag at Value World. I actually wear this one fairly often since it is really comfortable. I should really make a few more in other fabrics and with a belt or shaping.

Tanktop: Silver studded cheapie top from my sister.

Pants: Coldwater Creek high waisted trouser jeans(thrifted).

Hair: Yellow silk chrysanthemum from a Dia de los Muertos swap on Ravelry.

Day #3

Accessory: Neo-Victorian cuff.  Made from a scrap of heavy faille left over from a dance company costume. Velvet rick-rack ribbon meant for scrapbooking, elastic scrap, and vintage rhinestone and glass buttons.


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