Summer Fun Time

A couple weeks ago, my dear friend and partner-in-crime, Alicia, and I commenced our Summer of Adventure. Generally these epic (well, maybe that’s an exaggeration) quests begin on the porch swing.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we ventured to University Heights in order to visit the historic Lakeview Cemetery, which began in 1869. It is a particularly large and lusciously green expanse that has a myriad of architectural styles, and especially fragrant lilacs.  On this occasion, the weather was becoming itchingly humid, so we restricted our stroll to the portion of the cemetery where many Jewish decedents are interred.  I saw some unusual monuments such as a tall stone marker in the shape of a tree, as well as particularly old markers that were so timeworn that they were sinking into the earth itself.  We also saw  large groupings of markers for family names that would be familiar to those in Cleveland;  such as Halle, of the bygone Halle Brothers department store which was home to Mr. Jingling.

When we tired of walking, we went down the hill to Cleveland’s Little Italy for cups of incredibly rich strawberry and pistachio gelato at Corbo’s. We sat on the sidewalk and people-watched and planned our next adventure.



One thought on “Summer Fun Time

  1. Great post and awesome pictures! Though I lived right next door to that cemetery for 5 years while in school I never set foot in it! You have inspired me to go back and check it out. And that gelato looks pretty good too!

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