Me Made June, Week #3

Frilly Knickers! 

Ok, now that I’ve got some attention… MMJ 2011 seems to be going very well for most of the ladies whose blogs I have seen. These gals are resplendent in some very stylish skirts, dresses, and shirts.   I love seeing other people’s creative ideas for making the most of what is on hand or in the thrift shops. I’ve lived most of my life this way out of necessity, but that doesn’t mean I am going to stop searching for great ideas and new ways to innovate the mix of new and old.



I was home alone last Friday night, and I decided to make…something. Wearing the same couple pairs of sleep shorts all the time gets boring. So I got the pair that fits well, and made a pattern. I dug a little in the top strata of my stash and a couple hours later, Voila!  Two pair of shorts (NO you may not see my exquisitely,freakishly ,white legs in them) for ZERO dollars, since I had everything .


The white and lavender calico is a modern fabric left over from an 18th century theatre project, trimmed with cotton eyelet in bulk from Zinck’s in Berlin, Ohio.  The red/white stripe is a vintage 1940s cotton remnant cast off by the store I work for, with old-stock red rick-rack trim from the same era. Now that I have an easy little pattern to use, I am eager to make more Me-Made loungewear!


2 thoughts on “Me Made June, Week #3

  1. These are great! I love your use of fabrics with the little feminine details. I really need to make myself a pair of these for summer. The problem is that I DON’T have a pair that already fit for making a pattern out of, which is why I want to make a pair.

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