Little Stuff

(from Pinterest but I don't know where specifically)

I was talking with my stepdad today when we were hanging out. He asked me what I had been up to, anything exciting? “Nah,” I said. He said “well, maybe it’s the not-so-exciting stuff that’s really better.” (and I’m paraphrasing since my memory is not so great). But he’s totally right. My life isn’t all that exciting, but cool little things happen all the time.

Today I:
1. got to play with 4 baby kitties. seriously, if you want to adopt one, contact me asap. they are very good natured and pretty.
2. encountered a totally fearless bird on my dad’s garden fence; he only flew away after I pet it. I’ve never seen a bird so close up before)
3. was given the framed photograph of my paternal grandmother as a very young child, that I’ve coveted for a while now. It looks great next to A’s grandfather’s antique clock.

Has anything happened to you lately?


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