Welcome Autumn!!

Well! How quickly time passes when you’re busy! All of a sudden it’s November and I wonder where the last four months disappeared to. I guess it’s easy to lose track; my summer and early fall have been a whirlwind of costuming adventures.

Oh yes, the wardrobe trailer is sooooo glamorous.

To start, I worked on costumes for Groundworks Dance Theatre’s ode to the music of Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders and Akron, OH.

Then, I worked as the seamstress on my very first movie, filmed right here in downtown Cleveland! What a ride. Sewing in a trailer until 3am many nights and handling thousands of dollars worth of fancy denim. I have no idea when Boot Tracks, starring Stephen Dorff, Michele Monaghan, and Willem DaFoe (awesome guy btw) will be released but I do now have an official IMDB entry. 


I am happy to share some pictures of the new clothing line that I have been sewing for local purveyor of exquisite antiques and bohemian style, Stash Style.

There is great news to share, but enough for tonight. Bisous!


Ruffled bustle skirt



Layered linen and antique lace


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