Quality over Quantity (or, heart vs. wallet)

NY Times blog

I’ve done it a million times, and so have you:  Bought something cheap when what I really wanted was something that I perceived to be too expensive, even though it might have been the better choice.

Now, I am not saying that expensive is always better. I take it on a case-by-case basis. Do I need a Lexus? No, my $4k Corolla was a sensible choice that should, with proper maintenance, last me at least a good 5-6 years, just like my beloved Escort wagon did.

But when it comes to clothing, I have been trying to slow down and give some thought to quality vs. quantity. This only makes sense, as my business mainly involves providing alterations to customers’ clothing to either make it fit better, or to personalize or update the look of a garment. I think it is time to examine our personal styles and really take a look at key pieces and what works.

For my own part, I am interested in rounding out my fall wardrobe with a great pair of jeans and a classic denim jacket, as well as some good shoes.  The Back-to-School shopping model never fails.


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