Still the New Year, Let’s Talk About It…



So, I got time-warped in the internets this morning and before I knew it I had spent an entire hour reading sewing blogs. A common theme I’ve seen is other seamstresses sharing the bulk of what they accomplished throughout 2012, and also stating some personal goals for 2013. I do have a few posts lined up to share some pretty awesome (IMHO) projects I completed for clients last year, so stay tuned.

I have also been thinking about what personal sewing goals I’d like to work on for the year. Running a business and working as a contractor means I spent 99% of my working time making cool stuff for other people. The Little Mermaid Ballet for CVYB took four of us six months to complete and let me tell you, when I finally saw it onstage, I admit I was impressed.

I do not sew for myself very often, and when I do it feels like I’m cheating. Also I make weirdo stuff like sports bras, pj shorts, knickers.  I’d never do a half-assed job for a client though. (YELP doesn’t lie and I want to keep it that way!)

So, here are some goals for myself for 2013 sewing-wise: 

1. PANTS – I have never made myself a pair of pants from scratch, aside from Pajamas. Plenty of other stylish ladies across the internets have made well-fitting pants so I ought to be able to.

2. DRESS – The Coffee Date Dress link has been languishing in my bookmarks bar for two years now. I desperately need a nice looking dress appropriate for weddings, meetings, and other things where a lady is supposed to look like a lady. I just need to pick a great fabric. I made my wedding dress so really, this should be cake to fit myself, right? (Maybe less ruffles)

3. ME-MADE-MAY-2012 – English sewing blogger Zoe of So Zo… is not only a maven of sewing sustainably and making the most of whatever can be recycled and innovated, but she is a total encouragement to seamstresses everywhere. She invented this thing where many many people pledge to wearing garments they have made every day or every week for an entire month and sharing on their blogs. I participated in MMM 2011 and found it very satisfying and also resulted in 4 or 5 blog posts. Yay me!  I’ll decide the particulars of my pledge later on.

4. GET ORGANIZED – I have two sewing rooms; one at the Studio and one in my house. The one in my house is terrible!!!! I can’t find a darn thing in there. I resolve to clean up and reorganize my home sewing room so that I can actually do work in there when I want to.

5. STASH BUSTING – I have a LOT of fabric. Let’s not even talk about tonnage right now. I have been saving stuff for years looking for just the right pattern for just the right fabric. I resolve to sew at least three of my clothing projects out of yardage that I already have. Why should my vintage yardage languish any longer?

6. BLOG MORE – I make a lot of cool stuff for my clients and ballet costume gigs. I should share them or at least document them for posterity. Definitely I will commit to more blog posts.

So, that’s a pretty good start, right? I have other goals too, but they are not sewing related exactly, so I’ll leave off.


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