Fashion Week Favorites- pt 2

It would be impossible for me to share my thoughts on every Fall 2013 RTW collection, but here are two more designer bits.

Alice + Olivia F13

Alice+Olivia’s collection wasn’t entirely my cup of tea,(just not into those short short skirts) but I was primarily struck by the styling. The show was presented against a backdrop resembling a particularly lush drawing room with stunning wallpaper and draperies. Mostly what I loved was the touch of romantic/ethnic details and the soft milkmaid braid hairdos.

Anna Sui, per usual, showed a collection both blinding and intriguing at the same time. For Fall 2013, she was inspired by the modernism of Godard films and threw in a dash of dolly, maltese crosses, and custom-knit hosiery, and shoes!. Oh, the hosiery and shoes… I was a big big fan of Anna Sui early on in my fashion-eque career; I’ve veered away a bit, but there is something about her that just keeps dragging me back in spirit if not in practice.

Anna Sui F13

Anna Sui F13

Anna Sui F13

I’ll discuss London Fashion Week next time.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Week Favorites- pt 2

    • Yes, I agree. It is still a bit short for the amount of fluff it has going on. I’m a little confused about why all the designers are obsessed with very short for Fall?

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