Spring Sprang Sprung…and some rain

The Shakespeare adventure is over and I am back to sewing tutus and hemming pants. Flowers have finally started blooming around here and I am more than pleased that the hyacinths in the yard are giving off a sweet smell. Because there is never a dull moment (ok, who am I kidding, there are a lot of dull moments after-hours, in pajamas, on the couch with cats) I am now looking forward to some fun things coming up quite quickly here in Clevelandia.

This year’s fantastic poster!

The Fantastic Tweed Ride is next Saturday the 27th!!! Mr. Pants and I will be participating for the first time and are very excited. I am working on our costumes outfits, and we recently had our poor winter-weary bicycles fixed up by the awesomely talented guys over at Joy Machines Bike Shop in Ohio City. Alex, Renato and Will repaired the damage caused by storing bikes outdoors and didn’t judge us for being very casual riders. Incidentally, they are my direct neighbors at the studio. But I’m not biased. Oh nooooo.

The other thing I am looking forward to and beginning to plan is my participation in Me -Made -May 2013, led by the charming and talented seamstress/blogger Zoe over at So Zo…  I have participated in Me -Made challenges in the past and blogged about them here.   Me- Made challenges are where a whole group of (mostly) ladies who sew pledge to wear  self-made garments throughout the month, and document it on their blogs. This year’s challenge also fulfills one of my New Year’s sewing goals.

And then there is the rain. It is raining today. Oh well. What are YOU looking forward to this Spring?




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