Me-Made-May ’13–Week 3

Week three. Where is the time going? No seriously? Wasn’t it just March?

On Thursday I wore my climbing vine lace sweater, knit from bamboo-blend yarn in spring of 2011. After work I had the pleasure of going for Mojitos with my friend Krissie and her super sweet new pup, Pierre. Pierre seriously defies all small-dog stereotypes in that he is very quiet, very calm, and pretty much does whatever you want him to. For some reason this picture makes my head look twice as small as my body. Not the case;  I just photograph exceedingly badly.


I wore my new refashioned peplum top to the Studio on Saturday. I made this from an 80s vintage dress/jacket set from the thrift store that I had to have because of the little pin print. The garments were fully re-utilized except for some scrap. With the majority of the fabric I re-lined one of my old winter jackets. The top of the dress and some scrap were turned into this little peplum top that buttons down the back. It is polyester, however, and does not breathe very well. Photo credits below to Mr. Pants.



One thought on “Me-Made-May ’13–Week 3

  1. Your comments about the photo made me laugh… I am in the same boat and wonder about my own photos. But I guess we are all learning and that is what it counts, isn’t it? So, good job on your photos and on your Me Made May outfits!

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