Big News!!!!


Now before anyone panics, here’s the story:

After two great years at Deering Vintage in Ohio City, I have decided to take the opportunity to move to a larger studio space in October. It is going to be nearby;  just two miles West at 78th Street Studios.

What does this mean for everyone? More workspace for me, and participation in a community of highly creative humans. Higher ceilings for you tall folks; no more changing in the “super glamorous bathroom;” and plentiful FREE parking at all times.

Currently, I plan to stop taking appointments for a week or two, likely starting September 21, in order to move the equipment and get the new space looking all clean and pretty. (It’s not pretty right now, believe me.) All works in progress up through that date will be completed as promised and arrangements for pickup will be made individually.

To celebrate, there will be a little party on Friday, October 18, coinciding with the monthly 3rd Friday studio open house thrown by 78th Street Studios. This is not only a chance to see my new digs, but to join hundreds of other people in exploring and enjoying art and conversation in this unique art complex.

I will continue to post updates on the moving situation on the official Senjiva Studio Facebook page. 

xo Margaret


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